1st Generation 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
  • The technique developed first
  • Drug applied on the surface
  • Needles removed after use
  • Connected to a syringe
  • Used for vaccination, etc.
  • A needle's diameter, 100μm or more
  • Soluble polymers used
  • Drug combined with needles
  • Biological stability guaranteed
  • Needles inserted into the skin
  • Incised regions sealed
  • Possible to control a drug release rate
  • A needle, if broken, can cause side effects.
  • They are being less used except for use for certain purposes.
  • The hollow type is also used for such purposes as blood collection.
  • Main items in domestic and overseas markets
  • Safe even if broken
  • Applied for cosmetic purposes
  • SNVIA's (Pusan National University) exclusive technology
  • Suitable for medical purposes
  • SNVIA’s platform technology (Air-Pocket type Embeddable Microneedle)
    - Accurate doze control
    - Sustained drug release
    - Lower the risk of infection & bleeding