embeddable microneedle technology is the world-first medical microneedle platform

As a subsidiary of the Pusan National University (PNU)
technology holdings company, SNVIA is committed to developing and producing medical microneedle products based on the innovative embeddable microneedle technology.

SNVIA’s embeddable microneedle technology is the world-first medical microneedle platform that enables safe permeation of drugs through the skin without inducing a risk of infection or bleeding.

We’ll put effort and enthusiasm into research and development so as to develop high value medical devices and medicines that can contribute to improving the life of patients by cooperating with domestic and overseas pharmaceutical firms. With the PNU’s outstanding technology, SNVIA will continue the research and development to be a global venture business.

CEO Howard K.LEE


  • YANG, Seung Yun (CTO) / Founder / Ph.D in Polymer Engineering Obtained a Ph.D in polymer engineering at POSTECH and worked as a postdoc at Harvard Medical School.
    Currently he is serving as a associate professor in the Department of Biomaterials and Science at Pusan National University (PNU)
  • Howard K. LEE (CEO) / Co-Founder / BS in Electrical Engineering / MBA Supported incubation and overseas expansion of about 30 IT/SW firms at Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency (currently, NIPA).
    Conducted more than 20 cases of technology transfer and investment promotion at Chonnam National University and Wonkang University.
  • LEE, Seung Su (Executive Director) / Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering Obtained a Ph.D in mechanical engineering at Dong-A University with a research of CAD/CAM automated designing and micro components processing. A specialized member of Small & Medium Business Corporation as an expert in micro precision mechanical parts design and process development
  • PARK, Hong Gyun (CSO) / Co-Founder / MS in Water Resources Engineering In charge of corporate business model development at Daeil Corporate Assessment Center and Gyeonggi TechnoPark. Responsible for technology transfer and technology holding firm foundation, operation, and startup business incubation at Dongguk University.
  • PARK, Sam Dae (Director, Head of R&D Center) / Ph.D in Chemistry Obtained a Ph.D in polymer chemistry at POSTECH and worked for SEMCO (Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd.) At SEMCO, he conducted a research for PCB development and polymer synthesis.
  • KIM, Se Min (Director) / Ph.D Candidate in Mechanical Engineering Majored in mechanical engineering at Dong-A University. He served as a process management expert at HHI (Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.) and OTIS Co., Ltd.
  • PARK, Soo Young (Senior Researcher) / Ph.D in Pharmacy Obtained a Ph.D in pharmacy at Yeungnam University with a research of Anti-cancer & Anti-Inflammation.
    She served as a team manager for developing anti-cancer drug and synthetic drug at Daewoo Pharmacy Co., Ltd.