HA Glue (HAMA)

HAMA is a photo-curable methacrylated hyaluronic acid (HA) capable of in-situ hydrogel formation in 1 min under UV exposure. This biodegradable hydrogel-forming biomaterial is designed to adhere to a wide range of biological tissues for many biomedical applications.

SNvia's HAMA is produced in qualified manufacturing facilities and subjected to strict sterilization and quality inspections. We will endeavor to be your partner for research and product development.
  • · Product Name : SN-HAMA(Research Grade)
  • · SN-HAMA is a photocrosslinkable HA functionalized with methacrylate groups.
  •    SN-HAMA can be provided in three types depending on the degree of substitution; Low (~50 mol%), Medium (~100 mol%), High (~150 mol%).
  •    SN-HAMA with specific substitution ratios (ex. 70-80 mol% or 130-140 mol%) can be offered through custom synthesis service.
  • · The degree of substitution was quantified by using 1H NMR.
  • · Purity : >99% white powder form

Product Molecular Weight(Mw) Price(100mg) Price(500mg) Price(1g)
SN-HAMA 100K 100KD USD200 USD600 USD900
SN-HAMA 200K 200KD USD200 USD600 USD900
MTO Product - Please contact us for customized synthesis service (MTO products)
- HAMA with different molecular weight, substitution rate (mol%)
  • * The above product does not include a photoinitiator, so it must be purchased separately.
  • * Test report : MSDS, COA provided.
  • * All batches of methacrylated hyaluronic acid are provided with a full certificate of analysis including NMR and GPC data.
  • * Contact(Order):
  • * Shipping charges may be added for overseas shipments.

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